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UAE businesses will be least affected by the imposition of value added tax (VAT) because it is one of the lowest rates in the world and the government will also be pumping back tax funds into the development projects which, in turn, will boost a number of industries in the country, says a new study. Conducted by the Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN), the study noted that the UAE has the lowest VAT rate at five per cent - along with Taiwan - in the Arab world, and globally too. Singapore and Switzerland have levied VAT at seven per cent and eight per cent, respectively, while both Lebanon and Australia impose 10 per cent VAT. Hungary, meanwhile, has the highest rate at 27 per cent followed by both Denmark and Sweden at 25 per cent and Italy at 21 per cent, respectively. Among Arab countries, the study showed that Tunisia imposes the highest VAT at 18 per cent, Algeria at 17 per cent, Egypt at 14 per cent and Lebanon at 10 per cent. Sherif Kamel, regional president for Russia, the Middle East and Africa at the ABCN, said VAT would ultimately support the development of large public projects that contribute to business growth and sustainability. "The potential of business opportunities in the UAE is still high compared to regional countries, given the medium and long-term vision for development and the opening up of new investment fields, i.e. investments in artificial intelligence, ICT and other traditional investment sectors," the study said.